Kürşad Deniz


Kürşad Deniz is a pianist graduated from Galatasaray High School and then received his BSc degree in computer engineering from Galatasaray University.

At the age of 5 he started to play piano under his father's guidence and improved by himself.

During his studies in secondary school, he got acquinted with jazz and since 2003 he has been playing in jazz clubs as a professional musician.

In 2010, he has appeared in clubs and at festivals such as 13th International Ankara Jazz Festival with Sibel Köse Quartet, in a solo project as part of 17th International Istanbul Jazz Festival and recently in a duo project with Kerem Görsev "Two Pianos Play Standards". Same year in august, he had concerts with Sibel Köse Quartet in Pori and Helsinki, Finland. He also has appeared in several TV programs such as "Kerem Görsev'le Caz" and "Yansımalar".

Some musicians he plays and played with: Sibel Köse, İmer Demirer, Cem Aksel, Ferit Odman, Önder Focan, Sarp Maden, Manuel Dunkel, Mark Alban Lotz, Kamil Erdem, Kerem Görsev, Stéphane Spira, Lloyd Chisholm, Yahya Dai, Asaf Sirkis, Ray Blue, Amy London, Dante Luciani, Allan Harris, Deborah Davis, Kenny Wollesen...etc"